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Once completed the site, I started this blog to be able to digress more freely and in a simpler and more colloquial way on the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my considerations on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment on the topics covered in this blog, send an email to



   THE MIND'S THREE LEVELS (December 2019)

The mind and brain activity: the first level(the brain functioning determines the mental activity perceived by the conscious Ego, but this occurs on at least three qualitatively different levels: at the first level we find the reception and interpretation of the stimuli and physical signals coming from the external environment and from our same body)

The second level's lower aspect(at this level, present in all well-functioning brains, the brain works so to acquire the conditioning and programs coming from the cultural environment in which we are bred and in which we live, and is reflected in a conformist mental activity which, in its positive aspects, determines a serene and industrious life, not rarely at the service of others)

The second level's higher aspect(the creative intelligence of the human mind is manifested at this level in all its aspects, technical, artistic, of organization, knowledge and thought: while the conscious Ego focuses the attention and stimulates the mind to solve the problems that arise, the brain unconscious activity tunes in new possible solutions and transfers them into consciousness so that they can be evaluated; we do not yet have enough information to understand how the brain processes the acquired programs, turning them into creative projects)

The third level(mental activity is manifested at the third level when ESP events such as telepathy or clairvoyance, or manifestations of psychokinesis, are produced, even in the context of mediumistic phenomena; in these cases mental activity can be traced to the functioning of neural circuits only hypothesizing a tuning function of the latter, in relation to information stored in a different dimension than the physical one, but for PK activities we must anyway hypothesize the intervention of energies outside the human brain)

The brain is an imperfect tool(despite the admiration and wonder that we can feel for its complexity and its performances, the brain is a vulnerable instrument, subject in any case to deteriorate in old age and finally to die; the performances it offers in terms of mental activity are often inadequate and illusory in relation to a reliable knowledge of the reality of the physical world and our own body)




   VIRTUAL REALITY (November 2019)

The brain and reality(the brain has always shown to be sensitive to the illusions generated by imagination, starting from those of the dream state: at first the epic tales, oral or written, then the theatrical staging, and finally the increasingly realistic representations made possible by the current technologies, make so that the Ego can experience more or less intense emotions and feelings, not determined by real events)

Psychoactive substances(a particular kind of virtual reality – entirely subjective – is represented by certain experiences induced by psychoactive substances, or that can occur in critical conditions, such as NDEs; the emotional and existential intensity of these experiences brings us back to the enigma of correlation between the physical states of brain activity and the corresponding mental experiences by the conscious Ego)

Technological virtual reality(technology has created systems capable of producing visual, auditive and even tactile signals interpreted by the brain as almost real: the same perception of what the mind considers as real is due to the brain processes of interpretive elaboration of the received signals; the mind-brain dualism is difficult to overcome, even now that neuroscience sheds new light on the brain functioning)

The discovery of brain complexity(the brain is not a homogeneous organ, but a complex system of interconnected parts that continuously exchange a large number of electrochemical signals; the fact that the mental experience of the conscious Ego depends on the activity of a recently evolved part of the brain, connected with other parts, is determined by the informatics transformations of the creative Mind that operates on the substances of the physical world; however, the human condition of the conscious Ego, as long as it is imprisoned in the brain that destiny has assigned to it, remains precarious and not infrequently dramatic)

The search for mental reality(if the brain works to the best of its ability, mental activity is managed through the conscious Ego in order to carry out its cognitive faculties also with respect to the brain itself; however the cognitive short circuit for which – on the plane physical – the brain would try to know itself, must be avoided: all the transformations that occur on the physical plane can be interpreted as creative manifestations of a cosmic Mind, to which even the mental activity of the conscious Ego can connect, in search of a mental reality that go beyond its experience of human life)




   THE BODY'S DEATH (November 2019)

The reasons of the body(since our body and brain are certainly destined to die, the functioning of the mind involves the Ego, determining the psychic tunings related to fear or sadness for death, both ours and that of other people; anyway, the death of the body deserves attention and respect, and can teach us a lot)
Brain and death(death involves the unavoidable and certain dissolution of the brain, and - in becoming aware of this fact during its life - the Ego has to face the more or less negative psychic reactions that the brain transmits to it; death is in any case a sensational event, as it establishes the definitive exit of the Ego from this life)

The body cycle and the conscious Ego(the life of our body is subject to various phases that determine even important changes, but it flows over time in a single direction, through which the lived is transformed into memory; the condition of the conscious Ego is more stable: it has to deal with the life cycle of your body and, from a certain point in life onwards, it begins to make choices that can both protect and put at risk the body's integrity)

The body and the mind(mental activity is determined by brain activity, but the fact that the conscious Ego is formed, developed and is then able to exercise control over the mind, and therefore over the functioning of the brain and the body, is more difficult to understand - in its complexity - than the inverse process, through which the stimuli and signals coming from the environment and the body itself determine the brain activity and therefore the mental activity, involving the Ego)

The brain and the conscious Ego(it is through mental activity, in its aspect of cognitive intelligence, that the conscious Ego investigates and seeks to know the functioning of the brain, given that it does not receive direct information from within; there are therefore not enough evidence to consider the conscious Ego only as a product of brain activity, while it is more plausible that the brain and the mind represent two individual aspects of a mysterious and complex reality, which also presents transcendent elements)




   THE HUMAN AUTOMATON (October 2019)

Analogies and differences(the human way of functioning, still largely obscure, is compared with that of the most complex and sophisticated computer processing systems produced by man, highlighting similarities and differences, also on the basis of some unproven hypotheses)
The functioning of the human automaton(even an automaton could one day be endowed with something similar to consciousness and self-consciousness; on the other hand, the fact of concentrating - as science does - on the study of the functioning of the brain as the sole determining element of our psychic experiences, confirms our condition of existing only as human automata)
Brains and cultures(cultures are created by psychic tunings that, starting from a brain, are further processed by other brains until they spread within a human group; the remarkable differences that are found between one and the other culture, and the fact that every culture is subject to a decline over time, highlight their relative character, however they are perceived, by most of the humans involved, as psychic truths)
The Ego's liberation and death(in its path of liberation, the Ego can continue to live, peacefully awaiting death, which leads to definitive liberation; liberation is not to be meant as the escape from a prison in which the Ego was imprisoned, but rather as the break of the egg shell by a chick that wants to be born)
Human life as a condition of ignorance(in human life we ignore almost everything about the reason we live, our future, a possible survival of the conscious Ego to death, and in most cases we adapt to the needs which the psyche imposes on us through our brain's functioning, adapting to interpret our role as human automata, whose conscious Ego is completely subservient to the psyche)
The search for our own truth(in its search for truth, the Ego seeks first of all to know itself, its authentic inner essence, separating it both from the actions it performs, and from the psychic experiences in which it is involved; so it discovers the different aspects and manifestations of its own nature, and learns to control the mind and how to orient it in the sea of life, thus transforming from a human automaton into a true human being)




A body, a brain, a mind(the nature and characteristics of the conscious Ego – as an experimenting subject and reference center of all human psychic experience – are deepened)
Self-consciousness and the enhancement of the Ego(the recognition of the condition of submission of the conscious Ego to the psychic instances determined by the animal origin of our body and by the programs of social functioning, and the path of liberation of the Ego from the slag in which it is imprisoned, and of its valorization as a spiritual entity)
The discovery of the Ego: preliminary techniques(meditation, steadily practiced, is a very simple technique to make our consciousness a reliable and crystalline instrument, which can then be focused on the Ego itself: some information is given on the technique to be used by beginners)
Progressing in meditation(as we proceed our meditation consistently, we notice improvements both in relation to the quality of consciousness and in the psychic dynamics experienced; from a certain level on, however, the experience becomes mainly subjective, and therefore it is neither possible nor correct to describe it as if it were an identical path for everyone)
Meditation and consciousness(through meditation, the Ego engages its will in order to get consciousness an increasingly efficient and evolved instrument, and consciousness reflects the Ego in the light of psychic tunings completely different from the ordinary ones: this process is helped by the spirit)




Entity Andrea and medium Piancastelli(for over 50 years a single entity has spoken incorporating itself into a medium of remarkable intellectual, cultural and human qualities, providing a consistent corpus of information relating to the spirit life and the human dimension, which are examined here)
The spirit and incarnation(the spirit, in its original state, is a tabula rasa that acquires self-awareness and knowledge through a series of experiences, awakening what already is in it in a potential state; one of these experiences is the knowledge of the eternal laws that rule the material universe, acquired through a series of incarnations, which however are not mandatory and fall within the free choices of the spirit)
The human experience of the spirit and the conscious Ego(what happens, according to the entity Andrea, when the spirit is embodied in the human form and what are the relations between the spirit - endowed with its own consciousness and intelligence - and the conscious Ego in the course of life)
Vicissitudes of the spirit after death(at the end of the human experience, the conscious Ego continues for some time to be involved in the soul complex, while the spirit enters a lethargic state from which it will awaken to re-examine and assimilate the life lived through the Ego, which merges with the spirit)
Other communications by entity Andrea(information, opinions and advice on topics related to the spirit and on matters pertaining to earthly life and the psyche have been bestowed by Andrea in profusion, many times in response to questions and solicitations from the sitters; some of his statements related to phenomena of the the physical world are frankly fanciful and absurd)

Conclusions(our research on mediumistic communications highlights the subjective nature of the material examined, which can be included among the psychic realities; the level of involvement and adhesion of the conscious Ego is proportional to the authority and charisma recognized to the communicating entity, and to the concordance of the information and explanations provided by the same with the intelligent elaboration by the Ego of some psychic tunings that have aroused its interest)





A consistent corpus of mediumistic messages(over more than thirty years different entities – sometimes called Masters – have given a series of indications, through the medium Roberto Setti, on the meaning of human life and its value, from an ethical and cognitive point of view, aimed at the spirit's evolution)
The theosophical vision(the theory of the planes of existence and the bodies of the individual being presented by the entities of the Cerchio Firenze 77 faithfully reflects that proposed by theosophy)
The planes and the bodies(the entities explain, in accordance with the theosophical theories, the system of the four planes, physical, astral, mental and akashic, and of the corresponding bodies with which the individual lives during its incarnations, so that the spirit can become aware of its existence and its nature)
The cycle of incarnation: physical and astral plane(the theory of the incarnation of the spirit is explained, which, entering a state of drowsiness in the akashic plane, takes a new mental and astral body to immerse itself in the physical body and start a new experience as incarnate, at the end of which its consciousness leaves the physical body and moves into the astral one, to live in the astral plane)
The mental and akashic planes(once the astral body has been abandoned, consciousness moves to the mental plane, where the Ego reflects on the experiences made and can expand its knowledge, and finally returns to the akashic plane, to start the cycle with a new incarnation)
Consciousness and knowledge(we face the problem of assessing statements which cannot be verified on the physical level and, more generally, of the importance of the subjective reality that is shaped by the psyche once the physical world has been left away)
Mediumistic messages and teachings of various kinds(some information about the many pages of messages transmitted by the entities of the Cerchio Firenze 77, and an advice, taken from a book of theosophy, on how to evaluate mediumistic communications in general)




   THE SPIRIT LIFE (August 2019)

Messages and teachings examined(in the second half of the last century in Italy was collected, in particular by three mediumistic circles, a considerable amount of didactic messages by spiritual entities; these communications were published and are examined here)
The Essene Circle communications(it is a relatively small corpus of mediumistic communications, dealing with the evolutionary process of the spirit and various aspects of the human condition in a generic and not adequately reasoned way)
Communications by the entity Ray(various statements by one of the communicating entities of the Essene Circle, regarding the dimension of the spirit and different aspects of human life, interpreted in the light of the evolution of the spirit itself, are quoted and critically examined)
Communications of Mediator and Thinker(these two entities have followed Ray over time, expanding the treatment of moral, psychic and spiritual themes relating to the human condition, without offering satisfactory information, from a cognitive point of view, on the individual spirit and its relationship with the conscious Ego)





Evidence that spirits exist(the existence of entities that are part of another dimension, but that sometimes interfere with the one we live in, is demonstrated by facts and testimonies)
Alfredo Ferraro's investigations and testimonies(a serious and resolute investigator of the Italian mediumistic phenomena of the last quarter of the 20th century has left us accurate and reliable testimonies on what he witnessed firsthand)
The Mediator(in 1984, an entity giving sort of philosophical lectures begins to speak at the sèances of the Essene Circle in Rome: at the suggestion of one of the guides, it is called Mediator)
Professor Giordani was alive and kicking(although the members of the Essene Circle were convinced that Mediator was the spirit of a philosopher, professor Giordani, believed to be dead, at the time of the séances the professor was still alive and lucid)
A lawyer's letter(a lawyer writes on behalf of Professor Giordani, accusing the Essene Circle of plagiarism and asking for the withdrawal of their book from the trade)
A bit of clarity(we try to understand if the origin of a philosophical work obtained through reflection and elaboration of thought by the conscious Ego, and of an intellectual communication on the same themes obtained through a medium in a trance state, may be the same, that is a spirit)
The effects produced by the guide entities(the intense emotional states that involve the sitters and various prodigies such as perfumes and apports ensure that a particular value is also given to the teachings of the entities, which however sometimes present substantial differences from one medium to another)
The archives of unconscious(the unconscious can be imagined like a gigantic store containing all the human psychic material, to which both humans and spirits can access)
The conscious Ego and its spirit(on the basis of the messages by spirit entities, and taking into account the prodigies that these entities are able to perform, the possibility of establishing a relationship between the conscious Ego and its spirit is assessed, already in the course of life, with positive effects for both of them)





As I had anticipated towards the end of the short story The Myth of the Spirit, Cleverness had promised his brother that she would investigate the fate that Human MInd Inc. reserved for the conscious Ego when the bodily death arrived. Here is the report drafted by Cleverness, with some comments about the reasons why the story was told in these terms.





In this tale, fruit of fantasy, the human condition is described and interpreted as a reflection of energies, active in another dimension, personalized as in a novel, just as if they were the main characters of a tv fiction.




   JUNE 2019

A Copernican change(the evolutionary process has determined the existence and functioning of the human brain, from which the Ego depends)
Personal destiny(the elements that contribute to determining the destiny of a human being)
The awakening of the conscious Ego(the human automaton begins to realize that it can be given an opportunity to evolve)
The resources of the conscious Ego(what resources can the Ego count on when it decides to take the path of liberation?)
The journey of the Ego in the psyche(what can happen when the Ego keeps proceeding on the path of liberation?)




   MAY 2019

The questions and the answers(the existential questions that humans have always asked themselves, trying to find an answer)
The mood of falling in love(an example of the functioning of the mind in a condition that intensely involves the conscious Ego)
Free solo(an extreme sport that represents a perfect symbol of an inner path of liberation)
Intensity of consciousness, expansion of the mind(the evolutionary path undertaken by the Ego involves a more intense mental lucidity and an expansion of consciousness)
Reality and the mind(what the mind can know about reality is anyway based on socially shared mental programs)
Erwin Schrödinger and the mind(critical comments on an interesting booklet, Mind and Matter, written by the great Austrian physicist in 1956)
The natural evolution of the organic world(a criticism of the idea that consciousness is a phenomenon that can be interpreted exclusively in terms of natural organic evolution)
Life, the psyche and the conscious Ego(still on the topic of the Ego, the psychic experiences in which it is involved and the meaning of life that the psyche itself offers)
The system and the escapes(the desire of the conscious Ego to escape from the so-called reality and the ways in which it tries to carry out these illusory escapes)
The guide(the intuition of the existence of the spirit and the call that comes from it)
Conflicts related to the needs of the psyche(humans are still, to a great extent, imprisoned in the conflicting dynamics of the human psyche)



   APRIL 2019

The cloud of brains(a vision of the interactions between millions and millions of human brains)
The origin and the development of the conscious Ego(how is our sense of individual identity shaped?)
Consciousness and mind(what is the mind? what is the psyche?)
The enigma of the human psyche(where do the psychic tunings that involve and entangle our conscious Ego originate from?)
The conscious Ego and the brain(the brain is great, but how does it determine our destiny?)



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