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                                          questions and answers

Q - What does this site deal with?

A - Essentially three topics: 1) the meaning of human life as a consequence of the mental experiences in which our conscious Ego is involved over time; 2) the transformation process that the Ego goes through, up to the natural conclusion of life itself; 3) the possibility that our Ego, its consciousness and the memory of our life's experiences move to another dimension at the end of this organic life.
These topics are treated with an open mind and a critical spirit, in the light of reasoning ability, acquisition and evaluation of available information, and based on the intellectual resources of which a human being – as I am – is endowed. Human life is a path that has a beginning and an end and that takes place over time: as we proceed along this path, the curiosity arises to know what the meaning of our experiences is, and if the end of life is a goal towards which it is possible to go in full awareness. This site has no religious character, in the conventional and traditional sense of the term: no reference is made to an anthropomorphically conceived divinity, nor to models of behavior to be adopted, or to prizes or punishments. At most, religions are taken into account as experiences determined by the human psiche. In general, the topics covered can be better understood by people already in their full maturity, endowed with a discreet culture and adequate intellectual resources.

Q - How can I browse the site?

A - The menu on the left gives access to various sections, each dedicated to a particular topic. Clicking on one of the buttons, an introductory page to that section opens up where another menu on the right side allows to access all that section's pages. Each page can be also access from the site map. To get an idea of how the various topics are treated, you can also read some pages of the Blog, which can be accessed by clicking on the buttons at the top right of this page.

Q - How can I see if there's something that might interest me?

A - At the end of this page, there is a summary that helps to better understand the topics of the site. You can also take a look at the Blog, which deals with the same topics in a freer form: here is a link to the analytical index of the topics covered in the blog until June 2021. You can also directly consult the Site map.

Q - What is the section Life on earth about?

A - The origin and evolution of the organic instrument (the body and its brain) through which we live in this world, the way in which human social aggregations have formed and evolved, and the ways by which complex societies (like the one we live in) activate the socio-cultural conditioning that contributes to shape our functioning and behavior.

Q - What is the section The human psyche about?

A - On the basis of the current scientific knowledge on the functioning of the human brain, it is explained how our feeling of existing in this life depends on the conscious experience of a series of psychic events determined by mental (and therefore cerebral) activity, of which we can retain the memory. A person's psychic experiences are but a mere fraction of all the psychic events of which humanity can, as a whole, make experience, now or in the past. The complex of all these experiences is an evolving phenomenon that can be defined as human psyche. The reasons are also explained why it is more appropriate to consider the human brain as a tuning instrument - rather than a producer - of the psychic experiences.

Q - What is the section Non-ordinary states about?

A - In this section is easy, the reading of which is easy and not demanding, various psychic experiences are reported which normally do not fall within the range of consciousness during the ordinary waking state: in addition to normal dreams and some particular kinds of dreams, such as lucid dreams and conscious dreams, Out of the Body Experiences (OBEs) and those induced by the assumption of some psychoactive substances are treated.

Q - What is the section Near death experiences about?

A - This section offers several examples of psychic experiences that occurred during critical states that may have had a fatal outcome, which however did not happen. These particular experiences, certainly uncommon, often refer to an OBE and a condition of exixtence perceived as otherwordly. Some qualified opinions are also presented, on the correlation between these experiences and the alleged functioning of the brain in the critical conditions in which the experimenter was.

Q - What is the section Psychic phenomena about?

A - It's about various well-documented phenomena, mainly investigated in the period between the end of the nineteenth century and the middle of the twentieth, for many of which a satisfactory explanation have not yet been found, consistent with the physical laws we know. For this reason, there is still a strong psychic resistence to recognize the very existence of these phenomena. This section contains a series of pages devoted to the History of a medium, with the original reports of some remarkable mediumistic phenomena occurred in a small Tuscan town between 1936 and 1952.

Q - What is the section Psychical research about?

A - This section provides an outline of the researches carried out during a century and a half of investigations on mediumistic phenomena and the main theories advanced by the researchers to explain them.

Q - What is the section Over the life about?

A - It considers the possibility that our conscious Ego may continue to exist in other dimensions after the dissolution of the psychophysical system by which we live in this world. Some hypotheses concerning agents and supports that could make possible forms of survival are evaluated, and the consequences that this possibility may have for our current life.

Q - What does the section Info & links contain?

A - The Info page reports the additions or variations of the site's pages over time. On the Links page, inside this section, information is provided on other sites in which to deepen some of the topics covered, while in the Library page you can find and dowload some of the books here mentioned.

Q - Why so many pages of the site are dedicated to NDEs and to mediumistic phenomena?

A - The reason is explained in the Human psyche section: these psychical experiences are important to highlight some inconsistencies in the cultural orientations currently prevailing in our society. According to these programs, the existence of a human being is considered almost exclusively according to the needs of the socio-economic system of which he/she is a member.

Q - Who are you and what's your job?

A - I was born in 1946, and therefore I have a certain experience of life: other biographical information would not add anything meaningful to what is reported on the site. My subjective and partial human experience derives from the destiny that has determined the events of my life: it is more important to highlight the universal desire for knowledge and expansion of consciousness, which acts in me as in many other human beings.

Q - Does the site have many contacts?

A - So and so. Contacts in the last year were over 25,000 (about 20% of which by interested readers). 

                                                How to navigate through the pages of the site

To get an idea of site's guidelines, you can read the last page of the section Over the life, entitled The meaning of human life and the liberation of the conscious Ego. The idea is that this life is a preparatory condition for the formation and evolution of the conscious Ego, so that it can possibly continue to exist beyond the death of the body and experience other psychic dimensions. All the topics dealt with are intended to present, in an intellectually honest, shared and possibly documented way, the reasonable arguments that lead to this conclusion.

In order to better understand the meaning attributed to expressions such as «conscious Ego» and «human psyche» and terms such as consciousness, memory, intelligence, etc., it is advisable to read the Definitions page in the Human psyche section. Anyway, all the pages in this section help to understand the difference between the conscious Ego and the psychic experiences in which it is involved, and to start a path of detachment of the conscious Ego from the human psyche, in order to evaluate the various psychic manifestations in a more detached way. Bear in mind that in our culture the term psyche is regarded as an equivalent of mental activity, and the identification of the conscious Ego with the psychic experiences that involve it is taken for granted. This results in an excessive personalization of psychic experiences, as evidenced by the widespread use of expressions such as my (or your) psyche, which do not allow to distinguish between the experimenting subject, the origin of the psychic experience and the power of involvement and domination exerted by the psyche on the Ego.

Since psychic experiences are determined by mental activity, and therefore by the brain's functioning and the stimuli our psychophysical system receives from both the external environment and our body, the Life on Earth section shows a synthetic picture of the origin of the human body as part of the process that led to life evolution on our planet. However, our psychic experiences are largely determined by the programs that have been transmitted to us by the socio-cultural system in which we have been raised, and also by those people with whom we must continually interact within the system that keeps us alive. So in the same section some pages are devoted to the cultural evolution of human societies, and to the differences between the simplest and mainly static societies, and the more complex ones. The influence of socio-cultural conditioning on mental activity and psychic experiences is then deepened in the section The human psyche.

In addition to psychic experiences that can be considered normal or ordinary, in the sense that almost all human beings can experience them as long as their brains work regularly and the necessary circumstances occur, there are other uncommon experiences that are discussed in the section Non-ordinary states. It starts with dreams, which can be considered as normal psychic experiences (since almost every person dreams and many people remember much of the dreams they make): however, during sleep some peculiar and uncommon psychic experiences may occur, such as lucid dreams, or dreams that are indistinguishable from the reality of the waking state, or body separations (OBEs). Some persons have a special talent that allows them to easily access these experiences, which are precluded to the majority of people.

Among the uncommon psychic experiences, a special emphasis is given to the NDEs, to which the Near death exp. section is dedicated. The importance attributed to these experiences is due both to the fact that they seem to refer, at least in part, to a state in which the conscious Ego is separate from the physical body, and to the critical condition in which the brain of the person involved in the experience can be. Given that such conditions could also result in irreversible death, they are often referred to as pre-death experiences or deathbed experiences, but these expressions are inaccurate. Even the expression near death is not particularly appropriate. Indeed, in most cases, the risk of death, when the experience occurs, really exists and can be high, although it is clear that people who experienced NDEs survived and recovered their mental faculties. However, in some cases, NDEs occurred when the subject was in coma or in a presumed unconscious state. The risk of death and the critical condition of subjects who experienced some NDEs have led to consider these experiences as testimonies of the survival of the conscious Ego to the body's death: this has not been proven, but they certainly refer to a psychic dimension very different from the one that characterizes our normal life.

All the particular and uncommon psychic experiences dealt with in the Non-ordinary states and Near death experiences sections are typically subjective, in the sense that there are no other witnesses that can validate them, in addition to the experimenting subject. Instead, in the Psychic phenomena section unusual experiences are reported which have undeniable objective features, since they were tested and witnessed by a plurality of people, and in some cases documented by recording devices. As an example, recordings of mediumistic séances with direct voices can be downloaded and listened to from this page, in the section dedicated to the History of a medium.

The objectivity of mediumistic phenomena, and more generally the assessment of the reality and authenticity of paranormal phenomena, has given rise to a field of study which, since the end of the nineteenth century, has been called psychical research, then metapsychic, and finally with today's most used term: parapsychology. Some guidelines on the orientation of these studies, the investigations carried out by Italian researchers, the results obtained and the explanatory hypotheses brought forth are shown in the section Psychical research.

The final section, Over the life, presents the conclusions that can be reached at the end of this long and complex path, and also at the end of human life. The conscious Ego has formed, developed and evolved in this life, but all of its experiences are determined by the psychic dynamics that involve it through mental activity. Most of these experiences are determined by the needs of the human body, and, when they are not neutral, they carry with them an emotional component that involves the Ego either negatively, through forms of distress and suffering, or positively, in terms of pleasure, enthusiasm and happiness. Some experiences involving a minority of human beings may reveal the possibility of existing in other dimensions, where the psychic tunings experimentable by the conscious Ego are more in accordance with the needs of its spiritual and incorporeal part.

Since April 2019 I started a Blog in which, more or less monthly, I freely deal with a theme connected with the topics of the site. You can access the Blog pages, grouped by year, using the buttons at the top right of this page, or via the site map.