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In 2019 I started this blog to be able to freely digress on the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my experiences on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment, send an email to



   RELATIONSHIP LIFE (January 2022)

Psychic interactions between different Egos(the psychic experiences involving the Ego are influenced by the interaction with another person, and depend, among other things, on the degree of identification of the Egos of the people who interact with the often automatic psychic dynamics activated during the interaction; the Ego often remains involved in the complexity of these psychic interactions which – starting from the naive premises of a natural spontaneity, or relying on the cultural programs that establish their formalities – can give rise to difficulties and conflicts over which the Ego is sometimes unable to exert any control)

The love for others in the light of NDEs(many NDEs seem to indicate that, on its return to organic life, the conscious Ego brings with it from the Spirit dimension a surplus of energy that drives it to manifest its love and understanding towards others; however it is a quantity of energy which, although it can produce some effect in a limited context, is completely insufficient to face – and eventually to resolve – the complexity of the conflictual dynamics generated by the bipolarity of the human psyche)

The limits of emotional feelings(almost always the Ego naively relies on its own emotional feelings to orient itself in the complexity of human interactions, through which the psyche exerts its conditioning and socially relevant effects; however, emotional feelings, in their positive as well as negative manifestations, participate in the bipolar and conflictual character of the psyche, and their primary purpose is not to help the Ego in the evolutionary path of liberation from its subjection to the dynamics of the human psyche)

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