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In 2019 I started this blog to be able to freely digress on the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my knowledge on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment, send an email to




A massive multiplayer role game(online role-playing games involve the interaction between the characters created by each of the players - the avatars - who can increase their characteristics and resources, earning points or virtual money through their actions, determined by the gamer's choices; the key figures in this genre of games are the Programmer, the Gamer and the Avatar)

The role of the Programmer(if we want to try to compare an MMOG with real life, we must first of all consider that the programmers of the game of life are beyond our cognitive faculties, so much so that some humans deny their very existence; however the program exists, and we always have to deal with it, trying to reveal its secrets, and using the acquired knowledge for what we believe to be our advantage)

Our identification with the Avatar(unlike role-playing games, in which each gamer creates her own avatar starting from initial conditions that are the same for everyone, in real life the psychophysical characteristics of each avatar and the environmental and cultural conditions in which it develops are very variable, and determine to an accentuated extent the subsequent choices made by the avatar, who seems to interpret the role assigned to him by the program, without letting us identify an external figure to whom to assign the role of Gamer)

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Our intelligence and the ability to evaluate a report(ascertaining the reality and veracity of paranormal phenomena has always represented an unsolved problem: we examine the case of the medium Goligher, subject of Crawford's experiments, and the subsequent testimony of Fournier d'Albe, who accused the medium of resorting to fraudulent tricks, to see if we can come to an independent and reasonable assessment of how things actually went)

Fournier d'Albe and the Goligher Circle(Fournier d'Albe was an eclectic personality of physicist, inventor, linguist, philosopher and scientific popularizer; his interests also in the field of psychic research led him to participate in twenty verification séances with the Goligher Circle and their medium, from May to August 1921)

Existence and intellectual honesty of William Crawford(the documents show that Crawford was really the person he claimed to be, and all the testimonies of other researchers confirm his good faith, and the diligence with which his experiments were carried out)

The lighting issue in the séances with Fournier d'Albe(Fournier d'Albe claimed that the lighting of the sitting room did not allow to observe what happened at the bottom, in particular under the table, but various other witnesses tell the opposite: moreover not infrequently the table was mediumistically turned upside down, resting with its top on the floor and allowing the light to illuminate even the room's lower part)

Fournier d'Albe's experiments(Fournier d'Albe devised and carried out a series of experiments - quite different from those coherently conducted by Crawford - which, due to the same modes with which they were conceived, whether they succeeded or failed, could not prove anything; in the end he was convinced that the medium, at least in certain circumstances, cheated, and declared it openly even without providing any other evidence than his testimony)

Fournier d'Albe's conclusions(after twenty séances, Fournier – ignoring the successful experiments and relying on the failed ones – put an end to his test activity, claiming that he had not found any phenomenon that could not be explained on the basis of fraudulent activity by the medium and her partners, and thus demolishing the experimental results of Crawford, who was in fact accused of naivety and poor diligence)

The criticism towards Fournier d'Albe(although almost all experts in the field of psychical research criticized both the method used by Fournier and the hasty conclusions he had reached, his book – as often happens – was accepted by the non-specialized press as a definitive unmasking of the fraud of which Crawford would have been a victim, due to his naivety, thus demolishing the remarkable results that the latter had reached during six years of experiments)

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   THE ALIEN MATTER (February 2020)

William J. Crawford's investigations(between 1915 and 1920, in Belfast, engineer Crawford carried out a series of experiments and measurements to investigate and quantify the consistency of the ectoplasmic matter by which a young medium levitated tables and produced raps even of strong intensity)

Crawford's experiments(Crawford performed over a hundred accurate measurements of the weight of the medium before and after the séances, and during the levitation and production of raps; he also measured the effects of the forces that made the tables levitate, and used various instruments, some of which devised by himself, to make sure that levitations and raps were produced exclusively by what he called «psychic forces»)

Crawford's theory and its validations(Crawford believed that from the medium's body a kind of plasma matter was emanated, normally invisible but in some cases tangible, which could interact with ordinary matter, causing levitations and raps; his accurate measurements allowed him to develop a coherent theory about the forms in which this matter was molded and the ways in which the active forces were applied in order to obtain the various physical phenomena)

The plasma matter(based on the results of his experiments, Crawford developed a theory on the consistency of plasma matter, emanated from the medium's body, and on the formation of rigid structures that had to absorb and transfer the physical forces of the objects levitated, or applied to them by some persons; in some circumstances it was possible to touch the plasma matter, and in his last months Crawford was also able to make it visible in a series of photos taken with magnesium flash)

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   THE CREATIVE MIND (January 2020)

The origin and spread of mental programs(the mental programs shared by a sufficient number of human brains acquire a lot of strength, and are implanted with remarkable ease in the brains of children and young people: evidently the average human brain does not have sufficient resources to assess by itself the value and adherence to reality of mental programs, since it is not uncommon for it to be enchanted by absurd ideas; at the same time, it is thanks to mental creativity that new programs are produced, which are successful in spreading in the brain network)

The charm of the world show(the interaction between our brain and certain particular stimuli from the environment generates a mental activity focused on wonder and enjoyment, both towards some aspects of the spectacle offered by nature and towards some creative elaborations of the human mind, such as music or stage performances; however, an advanced mental education is needed in order to appreciate and intensely enjoy high-level creative performances)

Creative inspiration(the main resource of human brain is creativity, through which some people can conceive, design and implement not only works of art and technological products, but also new forms of social organization and new laws, and develop new ideas that can be then spread in the social milieu; the consequences of social creative projects can only be assessed in the aftermath, and not infrequently present negative and disruptive aspects that had not been foreseen by their promoters)

The origin of creativity(the universal creative process, from which our brain also originated, can be interpreted as the manifestation of a creative Mind – without attributing to this Mind any anthropomorphic personification – by analogy with the creative activity of the human mind; in this sense, the intelligent and conscious activity of the our mind can be considered as a manifestation of a creative spark inherited from the creative Mind, about which we are unable to say whether or not it has its own conscious will)

The mental interpretation of our world(the natural creative process is interpreted by the human mind on the basis of the information at its disposal, according to criteria that often do not correspond to the laws of nature, for which the fate of a single organism is completely irrelevant; moreover, in relatively recent times, a radical change occurred in the information framework, with the discovery of single-celled organisms and the fact that, for over two billion years, they were the only life forms present on this planet)

The mental interpretation of human condition(based on its cognitive faculties, the human mind gradually reveals the complexity of nature's creative processes, understanding the fundamental importance of the microscopic level of life, which underlies the evolution of complex organisms; at the same time it reflects on the conflicting divergence between the dynamics of nature, completely indifferent to the individual destiny of living beings, and the mental instances – summarized in the term humaneness – that lead it to desire and plan a more harmonious and happy human condition than the current one)

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