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December 2017 - The following pages in «the human psyche» section have been translated: Human consciousnessConsciousness, science, brain and mindInterview with Gerhard Roth Human intelligence and deceptionScientific knowledge and the meaning of human lifeConsciousness and the discovery of the unconscious The extraordinary powers attributed to the unconscious The creative power of human mind.

November 2017 - The introductory pages of each section, and all the pages in the «life on Earth» section, have been translated.
A very interesting book by Hamlin Garland, Forty Years of Psychic Research, published in 1936, has been added to the Library.

October 2017 - The English translation of the site has started.
The English Homepage, the Library, the Definitions, and the final page of the «over the life» section have been translated.

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