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September 2018 - The following pages in the psychical research section have been translated: Kant and SwedenborgStudies on hypnotismSPR investigations on hypnosisMyers' point of view on hypnosisMyers' method and Rosalie ThompsonVan Eeden's investigationsInterpretative dualism of mediumistic phenomenaPsychical research in Italy - Part 1Psychical research in Italy - Part 2Psychical research in Italy - Part 3Bozzano's missionTheories about the spiritRhine and scientific parapsychology.

May 2018 - All pages in the psychic phenomena section have been translated.

March 2018 - All pages in the near death experiences section have been translated.

January 2018 -  All pages in the non-ordinary states section have been translated.
All pages in the human psyche section have been translated.
A fundamental book for psychical research by Albert von Schrenck Notzing, Phenomena of Materialization, published in 1923, has been added to the Library.

November 2017 - All pages in the life on Earth section have been translated.
The introductory pages of each section have been translated.
A very interesting book by Hamlin Garland, Forty Years of Psychic Research, published in 1936, has been added to the Library.

October 2017 - The English translation of the site has started.
The English Homepage, the Library, and the final page of the over the life section have been translated.

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