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In 2019 I started this blog to be able to freely digress on the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my experiences on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment, send an email to




The process of development of life on Earth(the study of the evolution of organic life on our planet is very interesting, but it relies on a reconstruction that - however accurate and reasonable - is still based on the deductive, intuitive and even imaginative faculties of our mind, and in part on the direct observation and study of currently living organisms)

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Tecnological progress(in the last two centuries, humanity has witnessed an extraordinary process of increasing technological complexity of the products created, a progress to which today we are almost completely accustomed, but which has been made possible thanks to a rapid evolution in the creative and organizational faculties of the human psyche)

Why resort to the human psyche?(through consciousness, the Ego experiences for a very limited time the effects of a process of cultural transformation that uses, to all intents and purposes, the resources available to humans to pursue a goal that remains mysterious to us; observing the transformations occurred over time, from the primordial natural dynamics to the current complex cultures, we can note that in certain periods – such as the current one – there is an intensification of psychic activity that leads to remarkable changes)

Human commitment(the productive activities that have led to the astonishing technological progress of our age have required an enormous use of human energy, leaving very little of it available to the Ego for the evolution of its own consciousness; even recreational and leisure activities, partly necessary to recharge batteries, often involve a further waste of energy, and are stimulated by the cultural system for the same purposes imposed by the conditioning programs determined by the collective psyche)

The progress of mankind and the Ego's evolution(active participation in the productive processes that contribute to orienting the future of mankind is determined by the psychic tunings that involve the Ego since youth; however, in the second half of life the conscious Ego should undertake a path of separation from the collective psychic dynamics, given that its participation in the process of human evolution is limited to a relatively short period of time, and in the final part of its life it will also have to face the inevitable deterioration of its psychophysical system)

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