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   DEITIES AND MYTHS (April 2021)

Psychic experiences and their interpretation(The involvement of the Ego in its own psychic dynamics allows it to experience both the satisfaction and enthusiasm for success, as well as the disappointment and negative consequences of failure; the interpretative elaboration of these mental states and their effects has often led the conscious Ego to consider some psychic dynamics – even at a cultural level – as manifestations of the power of personalized divine entities)

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The mental desire to know(the need to know the meaning and purpose of human life, also in relation to the very different conditions that destiny determines for each of us, is felt by many human beings, but not by everybody in the same way; a few centuries ago the human psyche determined a more intense desire to know, enticing humans with the prospect of being able to acquire greater control over their own destiny: up to now, this attempt has been only partially successful)

The identity of the conscious Ego(in considering the Ego as the subject who, through consciousness, experiences the different aspects of the psyche, recording them at least temporarily in its memory, it is appropriate to keep in mind that some psychic experiences are not received directly by the Ego in the waking state, but by a subject that shows peculiar features in the way of perceiving and interpreting such experiences: thus, for example, the dream Ego can experience the psychic events of dreams in a different way from that with which the Ego in the waking state then interprets the contents of the dreams it can remember)

Life as a research and processing of experiences(while taking into account the particular destiny that determines the life experiences of each person – and therefore does not allow any generalization – human life nevertheless represents an opportunity offered to the conscious Ego to form and consolidate itself through the psychic experiences in which it is involved, and to progressively evolve until it is ready to get rid of the now useless shell of an organism that has exhausted its energies and resources, so as to be able to go towards new forms of existence)

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The mental ascertainment of a reality(through mental activity the Ego becomes aware of the existence of an objective reality that transcends it, and the mind itself becomes a no less important aspect of reality: a strictly monistic interpretation of the brain-system cannot be satisfactory from a cognitive point of view, since within it the subject and the object of the investigation are made to coincide)

The memory issue(Our memories are all the more reliable the more they are vivid, well impressed in our memory and traceable to a specific period of our life, and they are in any case determined by the functioning of our brain, which can also make us perceive as authentic memories episodes created through imagination; however, there are well documented and ascertained cases of children who accurately remember events, people and places belonging to the memory of another deceased adult person)

Mind and brain(the data obtained from investigations on brain activity are always interpreted by the mental activity of the researchers: attributing this activity exclusively to the brain of those people involves a paradox, since the subject and the object of knowledge coincide; moreover, the variety of individual psychic experiences is so wide as to make the reduction of brain functioning to a standardized model arbitrary and unreliable; the problems relating to the functioning of the human mind are therefore far from being solved)

The conscious Ego and the Spirit dimension(the Spirit dimension consists of psychic attunements substantially different from those of the human psyche, which the conscious Ego can experience in certain situations, as evidenced by the reports of many NDEs: the conscious Ego feels attracted and fascinated by that dimension, perceived as consonant with its most authentic essence, to the point of no longer wanting to return to the condition of organic life)

The vehicle of consciousness(NDEs show that in certain circumstances the conscious Ego can experience alternative psychic attunements to those typical of the human psyche; given that we do not have reliable knowledge about the brain functioning in such circumstances, the existence of an alternative vehicle of conscious tuning that can come into operation when the organism is in critical conditions cannot be ruled out; otherwise we should recognize that the brain is much more than an evolutionary tool aimed exclusively at the natural needs of the organism or the species)

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The end of human life(the life we live in this world, through an organism in which the conscious Ego develops and through which it elaborates its own experiences of the psyche, ends with the event of death, which coincides with the definitive stop of the functioning of the nervous system – and in particular of the brain – of the organism with which the conscious Ego is associated; testimonies referring to experiences in possibly deadly situations vary from person to person, and in some cases are very different from what one would expect)

The imaginary representations of the afterlife(the sense of loss and pain resulting from the death of a person of whom one is emotionally very fond can find comfort in the confirmation of the continuation of the existence of the personality - with their memories and human bonds - in a dimension in which it feels happy, in harmony with the aspirations of the conscious Ego; it cannot be excluded that this desired condition could not correspond to a subjective form of reality, once a different range of psychic experiences can be tuned)

Other forms of psychic experience referred to the afterlife(some NDEs show two interesting aspects: the detachment from the physical body – with the fading of any painful sensation and the vision of people and events still linked to the human environment – and the transfer to a different dimension often characterized by the presence of luminous entities that radiate sympathy and unconditional love; the attribution of these experiences to the functioning of the brain implies the ability of the same to tune in also alternative realities)

The Ego, its desires and will(the desires that involve the Ego and commit its will during this life are determined by the human psyche, and have the function of binding the conscious Ego to the life of its organism and the cultural programs transmitted to it; many NDEs present a completely different perspective, in which the psychic tunings experienced by the conscious Ego are no longer characterized by desires of human origin)

The formation of the conscious Ego(the random factors that determine the fate of every human organism also influence the development of the conscious Ego, who in many cases proceeds along the path of life, taking part not only in the enigmatic progress of mankind's history, but also in its own individual evolution process, on the meaning and outcome of which NDEs could offer us useful clues)

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The process of development of life on Earth(the study of the evolution of organic life on our planet is very interesting, but it relies on a reconstruction that - however accurate and reasonable - is still based on the deductive, intuitive and even imaginative faculties of our mind, and in part on the direct observation and study of currently living organisms; for over two billion years the framework of life has seen a multitude of unicellular organisms interacting with each other and with the environment, based on the operational programs contained within each of them)

The development of an oparational control center(the appearance of an operational control center, consisting of a nervous system and cerebral ganglia, in the course of the evolution of multicellular animals, does not in itself imply the presence of a conscious subject, since most of the brain functions operate in an unconscious way; furthermore, other evolved organisms, such as higher plants, although lacking a nervous system, are able to manage the complexity of their functioning; consciousness, as we humans experience it, essentially serves to connect the Ego with the psyche's dynamics)

The different levels of conscious experience(although it can be presumed that consciousness has its roots already in the animal world, its function – as we experience it – consists in putting the Ego in contact with the dynamics of the human psyche; it is an evolutionary process that manifests itself at different levels, from the completely passive ones of children to those mediated by the acquired cultural programs and by the previous experiences of young people and adults; however, the identification of the conscious Ego with the positive or negative psychic tunings that involve it usually lasts for a lifetime)

The psyche's bipolar character(the intrinsic bipolarity of the human psyche can be experienced by the Ego as a transition path between a past - or a present - marked by negativity, and a better future; what can be hoped for the future of mankind is a reduction of tension between the two poles, but not the elimination of bipolarity; on the other hand, the limited duration of the life of each human organism, temporarily inserted in this collective flow of the psyche, involves the aspiration by the conscious Ego to a form of non-evanescent existence)

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Tecnological progress(in the last two centuries, humanity has witnessed an extraordinary process of increasing technological complexity of the products created, a progress to which today we are almost completely accustomed, but which has been made possible thanks to a rapid evolution in the creative and organizational faculties of the human psyche)

Why resort to the human psyche?(through consciousness, the Ego experiences for a very limited time the effects of a process of cultural transformation that uses, to all intents and purposes, the resources available to humans to pursue a goal that remains mysterious to us; observing the transformations occurred over time, from the primordial natural dynamics to the current complex cultures, we can note that in certain periods – such as the current one – there is an intensification of psychic activity that leads to remarkable changes)

Human commitment(the productive activities that have led to the astonishing technological progress of our age have required an enormous use of human energy, leaving very little of it available to the Ego for the evolution of its own consciousness; even recreational and leisure activities, partly necessary to recharge batteries, often involve a further waste of energy, and are stimulated by the cultural system for the same purposes imposed by the conditioning programs determined by the collective psyche)

The progress of mankind and the Ego's evolution(active participation in the productive processes that contribute to orienting the future of mankind is determined by the psychic tunings that involve the Ego since youth; however, in the second half of life the conscious Ego should undertake a path of separation from the collective psychic dynamics, given that its participation in the process of human evolution is limited to a relatively short period of time, and in the final part of its life it will also have to face the inevitable deterioration of its psychophysical system)

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