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In 2019 I started this blog to be able to freely digress on the various topics covered in the sections of the site, and to update my experiences on the evolutionary path of the conscious Ego. To comment, send an email to




The experience of our organic life(the interest of human life lies above all in the enormous number of individual experiences – determined by the fragmentation of consciousness into a plurality of organisms, each performer of its own personal history – and in their great diversity, which frustrates any attempt to explain this diversity in the light of a single model of human being; in order to be able to evaluate the overall effects of the psyche's dynamics, it is necessary for the Ego to differentiate itself to some extent from the psyche's attunements that directly involve it, so as to be able to observe with sufficient detachment the quality of the different experiences determined by the psyche, knowing that their effects are experienced, in their entirety, by a single Ego, different case by case)

The differences between the Egos(one of the most bewildering aspects of human life is given by the differences, even very strong and not infrequently conflicting, which are found between one person and another; although the causes of these differences can largely be attributed to the characteristics and resources of the organism, and to the environmental conditions in which a person was raised, developed and then acts, interacting with other people – and therefore, ultimately, to the psyche's attunements in which the Ego is involved and with which it often identifies – there are also significant differences in the Ego's ability to boost the qualitative evolution of its own consciousness, in relation to the intellectual resources it may have at its disposal)

The charm of human life(among the various aspects of organic life that fascinate and interest the conscious Ego, some are simply correlated to the Ego's sensitivity towards those tunings of the psyche that ensnare and satisfy it through various forms of pleasure – not infrequently encouraged by poorly evolved cultural programmes – while others, such as organizational and productive skills in social interactions, creativity, the desire to explore, to experiment and to know, and the activities of refined control of the organism by the conscious Ego, belong to a more evolved level, which differentiates human life from that of any other animal species)

A large amount of organisms in different conditions(human life is essentially organic, and the psyche's experiences it entails are conditioned by the functioning of our organism; however, the number of human organisms living in our time is very high, and the differences in life between one organism and another are remarkable: thus, social interactions take on particular importance, and cultural programs – which spring from the psyche – are developed in an attempt to condition, regulate and control societies; so human life becomes a choral phenomenon, within which each individual Ego can find itself more or less at ease, in relation to the resources with which its own organism is endowed, and possibly also to its needs for spiritual development)

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   THE HOPE FOR A BETTER LIFE (November 2022)

Catherine Amy Dawson Scott(among the English women remarkably endowed with intellectual, organizational and creative resources, active between the end of the nineteenth and the first decades of the twentieth century, not a few also showed a good interest in psychical research and mediumistic communications; among them we can include the writer and poet Catherine Dawson Scott – 1865-1934 – who in 1926 published a curious little book entitled From Four Who Are Dead; although there is no evidence that the information contained in the book actually comes from disembodied entities, and not from the author's mental imagery, in several respects one can agree with what May Sinclair stated in her introduction: «It is the only reasonable account of the life beyond death that I have yet seen»)

The advantages of inorganic life(while attending some mediumistic sittings, Catherine Dawson was urged, by an entity she identified as her ex-husband, to get information on the inorganic dimension through a form of subconscious writing; after a few months of attempts with uncertain and inconclusive results, the author began to obtain coherent and sufficiently meaningful communications from four deceased personalities; taking into account Dawson's intense and busy life, her pragmatic and active orientation and her intellectual, cultural and organizational skills, these communications are interesting to us whether we want to actually attribute them to discarnate entities, or whether we consider them as a manifestation of the aspirations and hopes of the deep core of the writer's Ego)

Love, knowledge and happiness are important to the Ego(the dimension of inorganic life that Catherine Dawson refers to represents a big step forward compared to our organic life, if we consider the aspirations, needs and hopes of the conscious Ego; however, although the Ego already feels very happy and satisfied in that dimension, it seems that even that stage must be left behind at the right time, to allow the Ego to proceed on an increasingly spiritual evolutionary path, oriented towards love, knowledge, and a form of creative happiness that goes far beyond the intuitive faculties of our human mind)

Conclusions(regardless of the origin of the communications reported in Dawson's booklet, these represent the aspiration, by her conscious Ego, to an existence of a higher level and quality than organic life, even if the latter had been interesting, intense and intellectually stimulating, as certainly was the author's one; the cultural programs of psychic origin aimed at denying the very possibility that the Ego can continue to exist after the death of its organism probably have the function of binding the Ego to this organic life for as long as possible, despite the difficulties that it entails; yet - at the same time - phenomena such as NDEs and mediumistic communications give us information on other possible existential dimensions)

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The conscious Ego as a result of human life(the very existence of the conscious Ego in this life is determined above all by its link with an organism that develops, manifests and expresses itself in relation to a plurality of other human organisms, determining those experiences which, in their temporal development, form the personal history of each of us; the Ego performs various roles, including that of receptor and interpreter of the psyche's instances, of controller of the behaviors and actions of its own organism, of introspective observer of the dynamics in which it is involved; the way in which these roles develop and are blended in the course of life determines the differences, even profound, that are found in the personality and in the Ego of every human being)

The psyche's domain: human and inorganic beings(the information obtained through mediumistic communications confirm the existence of inorganic beings dwelling in a dimension normally well separated from ours; in some cases such entities are able to provide us with very convincing evidence regarding their human personality and the continuation of the experiences of their conscious Ego after the death of their organism; however, one gets the impression that even the existence of these inorganic beings continues to occur under the dominion of the psyche's bipolar energy, in a dimension free from the needs imposed on the Ego by its human organism, but still divided into a series of levels – separated from each other and ordered according to a progressive scale – in each of which only those entities whose spiritual Ego has reached the degree of evolution required for that level can dwell)

Organic and inorganic manifestations of the human psyche(the psyche's dynamics experienced by the Ego during this life are partly reflected also on the mediumistic information provided by inorganic beings, relating to the dimension in which they live and the experiences made after passing away; since we have no knowledge about the mental processing by which mediumistic communications are transferred into our dimension and become perceptible by our senses, our interpretations relating to the experiences of inorganic entities could be at least partially distorted by human psyche, undergoing a transformation process to adapt to the mental patterns and to the programs of psychic origin that the medium and sitters have assimilated and that have managed to attract their Ego)

The experience of the Spirit's energy(the Spirit energy, as it has been experienced in many NDEs, is completely free from the psyche's bipolar and conflictual dynamics; the Ego is regenerated and nourished by it, and its essence is so much in tune with that energy that it desires nothing else than to be able to remain in that condition forever; anyway, even many mediumistic communications, while not describing the experiences in the afterlife with the same clarity and effectiveness with which a lot of NDEs speak to us of the Spirit dimension, offer us a vision of the continuation of the existence of the conscious Ego after the death of its organism as a much more interesting, fulfilling and pleasant form of life than the human one)

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   THE SPIRITS AND THE SPIRIT (September 2022)

N. B. Wolfe's experiences with medium Mary Hollis(in various pages of this site we have critically evaluated some of the information obtained through mediumship about the spirit world, as described by the communicating entities, pointing out the contradictions and inconsistencies that sometimes we find; however, it must be borne in mind that various and well-validated testimonies, including those reported in the book by N. B. Wolfe Startling Facts in Modern Spiritualism, published in 1873, present very convincing evidence on the existence of a parallel dimension, normally separate from that of our physical world, in which intelligent entities are active, endowed with their own autonomous operational capacity)

The spirit world(through the psychophysical system of mediums, channels of communication with the spirit world open up, through which these intelligent entities are able to intervene in our human reality by communicating with us in various forms and producing physical phenomena that seem incredible to us, or at least amazing; the organization and realization of these phenomena is determined by the spirits themselves, some of whom assume a guide role, while the sitters and the same mediums have a passive role as spectators; as for the correspondence between spirits and the personalities of deceased humans with which they introduce themselves and communicate, while in some cases there are stringent and very convincing elements of identification, in others the uncertainties, inconsistencies and contradictions are evident; anyway, spirits have shown to be capable of materializing human forms captured by the sitters' memories, even dreamlike ones)

Some observations on the psyche of spirits(according to the information provided by the same spirits, they too would be subject to psyche's dynamics not very different from those that involve us humans, except for the fact of no longer having to deal with the needs and limits of the organism; the bipolar character of the psyche's energy would have created, in their world, a series of stratified and well separate levels, to which the spirits are destined according to the degree of evolution they reached: lower levels would be reserved for wicked and demonic spirits, while the higher ones for noble spirits, more oriented towards good and love for their fellowmen; the purpose of spiritual evolution – and of human life – would be to advance to a higher level)

Differences between the spirit world and the Spirit dimension(we can notice substantial differences between the various and not always coherent descriptions of the spirit world obtained through mediumistic communications and the experiences in the Spirit dimension, as they are reported to us by many of those who had an NDE; the spirit world, in its various stratifications, seems to be much more influenced by the bipolar dynamics that characterize the human psyche than is the case for the Spirit dimension, where the conscious Ego feels completely freed from its involvement in the human psyche and from the bonds deriving from its organic life)

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The mediumistic trance(during the mediumistic trance the medium's Ego often enters a state of more or less profound drowsiness, in which it completely loses consciousness, and consequently is unable to witness the phenomena that occur, nor is able to remember them later; the condition of weakness and vulnerability that the Ego often experiences when it faces nature's and psyche's forces urges it to seek through knowledge that power of control that it lacks; also the mediumistic trance can be considered as an investigation technique by which the Ego seeks information on what can be experienced when this life ends)

Physical effects and mental powers(the transformations that occur in the physical universe can be interpreted by the human mind as manifestations of the creativity of a cosmic Mind, especially as the increase in information that they sometimes involve makes them unpredictable, at least in the light of what we know; physical phenomena of mediumistic origin are interpreted in an ambivalent way on the basis of the consolidated orientations that the psychic attunements impose on our conscious Ego, without any of the proposed interpretations entailing any advantage for the Ego in terms of reliable knowledge and control over these phenomena, the causes of which keep being mysterious)

Interferences(some phenomena, called paranormal, can be attributed to interferences coming from a dimension that normally remains well separated from that of our world's physical reality; however, the effects of these interferences are made possible by the interactions between subjects endowed with mental activity, meant in its broadest sense, also with reference to the creativity of the cosmic Mind: on the one hand we humans can be considered as particular mental forms, some of which have uncommon peculiarities, but on the other hand we cannot deny the possibility that there are other more or less autonomous mental entities that, in particular circumstances, are able to interact with the mind of humans, producing surprising effects even on the physical plane; the interpretation of these interaction phenomena depends instead on the psyche's attunements that influence those who experience or study them)

Psychic Ego and spiritual Ego(the information we can collect about any experiences that the Ego may undergo once it feels free from this organic life varies from wandering in dimensions more or less intensely contaminated by the bipolar aspects that characterize the human psyche, to the transfer in the Spirit dimension, that the Ego usually feels as its own true home, congenial to its most authentic and profound spiritual essence; in the absence of a coherent framework on the dynamics that determine these experiences, also as a consequence of what the conscious Ego has felt and of the choices it has made during organic life, we wonder about the interactions between the Spirit dimension and that of the human psyche, two separate dimensions between which the conscious Ego seems to act as an intermediary through the relationship between its psychic component – almost always prevailing during organic life – and the spiritual one)

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The study of changes in physical states over time(the considerations on the psyche's energy and on the spiritual essence of the Ego are not more or less fanciful elaborations of the mental imagination, but are based on the results achieved by research in various fields of human knowledge, in the light of the premises on which what we call "scientific knowledge" is based; in several respects, time plays a fundamental role in the evolution of knowledge, and even current science had originated from the observation of changes in physical states over time)

Errors and increasing complexity(the firm belief that the laws that rule the changes in physical states over time cannot be subject to accidental errors is the basis of our knowledge, and experimental tests have given us, up to now, many confirmations of it, at times leading us to perfect the enunciated laws to adapt them to the new acquired data; however some changes in the physical states involve an increase in the information present in the observed system, making it impossible to predict its future variations, also due to possible errors that such changes do not exclude)

Where does mental processing originate from?(the mental elaborations on which our knowledge and our interpretations of reality are based are generally attributed to the functioning of the human brain, which in turn is considered as the currently most advanced product of the evolutionary process of life; however, from the point of view of the experience of the conscious Ego, the influence of a factor of spiritual origin cannot be excluded, which determines in the Ego the need and intent to know a physical reality perceived as mysterious and alien; the increasing levels of information complexity found in the temporal evolution of living organisms can reasonably be interpreted by the Ego as local manifestations of a cosmic Mind, which in the future could produce more advanced tools of knowledge than our human brain)

The role of consciousness in the cosmic dance(between the reality of the physical world, in which the creative activity of the universal Mind is manifested, and the need to increase human knowledge, determined by the psyche's attunements that the brain functioning brings to consciousness, an Ego intervenes who wonders about its own role in this extraordinary cosmic dance, in which it has to deal with phenomena whose powers seem to go far beyond the limited resources at its disposal; in particular, the Ego reflects on the fact that its organism and its own brain too are the product of the evolutionary process of life on planet Earth, however no direct, reliable and verifiable information on their functioning and on the way in which brain working determines mental activity reaches its consciousness; this is the reason that induces the Ego to think that in the mental activity that directs the cognitive process there is also a spiritual element, of a different and alien nature compared to those physical processes whose mysteries it seeks to unveil)

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The Ego's identification with its own psyche(the Ego's identification with the psychic dynamics that involve it is a fact taken for granted by our current culture, so much so that the term «psyche» is commonly attributed to the personal dynamics of every human being; but the bipolar character of the human psyche implies that the attunements of one person's psyche may be very different from those of another, to the point of becoming incompatible and conflicting; this also happens between organized human groups)

Why does the Ego have to experience the human psyche?(the information collected through the accounts on the NDEs confirm that, at least in certain cases, the Ego can experience a different dimension than our organic life, when it has to deal with the dynamics of the human psyche; since the Ego is often obliged to reconnect to its organism after having experienced the Spirit dimension, we ask ourselves what is the relationship between these two dimensions, so different from each other, and if the experience of the dynamics of the human psyche is an unavoidable premise for the Ego's formation and evolution, so that it can then access the Spirit dimension; we would also like to know if the experimentation of organic life by a conscious Ego, devoid of the memories of an existence in the Spirit dimension, is a free choice on the part of the Ego's spiritual counterpart, or a duty which it cannot shirk)

The Ego learns to know itself(once undertaken the path of differentiation from the psyche's dynamics in which it is involved and with which it normally identifies, as a consequence of that particular destiny that determines the singularity of the individual life of every human organism, the Ego feels that the existence of a vast and mysterious territory is revealed to it, to explore which it can rely on its deepest essence and on the resources of its spirit; having to face, willy-nilly, the psyche's bipolar energy, the Ego – if it can rely on a sufficiently evolved consciousness – undertakes a path of growth that leads it to nourish its authentic spiritual essence, making so that it can develop until it is released from the conditionings of organic life)

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   WHAT WE ARE (April 2022)

Human organisms, their interactions, and knowledge(the evolutionary process of life, which over time has led to the formation of human organisms and their development up to the current stage, has also produced the nervous system, that is the tool by which humans acquire and process information; the resources of mental energy available to the Ego are almost always exhausted in coping with the needs of survival and well-being of its own organism, within the group which it belongs to)

The Ego's consistency and power(the complexity of the human psyche is reflected in the ways in which the Ego, to cope with the needs of its own organism, controls its behaviors and actions, supporting the psychic dynamics that involve it both directly, and through the socio-cultural conditioning programs that were transmitted to it; consequently, those human interactions occur, by virtue of which some individuals acquire the power to influence and control the functioning of many other humans)

The Ego as attentive observer of psychic dynamics(one of the possibilities that allow the Ego to undertake a path of liberation, at least partial, from the psychic dynamics with which it naturally tends to identify, consists in taking the role of observer both of the human psyche in general, and of the direct manifestations of its own psyche and the effects that these dynamics have on its sensibility; however, it is necessary that the Ego has the time, energy and resources to devote to the investigation and study of the psyche, avoiding being ensnared by the latter's tricks)

The forces that drive and influence the Ego's orientations and choices(during its life the Ego is subject above all to the dynamics of the human psyche, which determine the orientations and choices conventionally attributed to its free will; the bipolar and often contradictory character of the psychic dynamics can cause, over time, even radical changes in the Ego's orientation; however in some cases deep changes can occur, that have causes not attributable to the usual dynamics of the human psyche)

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   REPORT ON NDEs – PART TWO (March 2022)

The trauma of returning to organic life(in most of the NDE accounts relating to the experience of the Spirit dimension, the Ego rejects with all its resources the prospect of having to return to organic life; the different ways with which this return is lived, and the reasons with which it is, at least in part, justified, are told in various NDEs and, as a whole, constitute a particularly interesting survey field)

The effects of NDEs on the protagonists' lives(the changes that occur in the way the conscious Ego feels and considers human life after experiencing the Spirit dimension cover a wide range of emotional reactions and orientations, from a complete and joyful adherence to the task to be performed in this world, to a drastic rejection of organic life – and the suffering it entails – because of the intense desire to return to the spiritual home)

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   REPORT ON NDEs – PART ONE (March 2022)

The perception of reality in NDEs(according to many NDErs, the sense of perception of the reality of the experience – however subjective one may consider it – is even more intense and engaging than the one we are used to in our ordinary waking state, as attested by some examples of first hand accounts)

A different perception of time(the testimonies of almost all NDEs show how time is perceived in a radically different way compared to what happens in our normal organic life: all experiences are merged into a sort of contemporary immediacy, and yet are immersed in an enchanted atmosphere of eternity that permeates every aspect of the Spirit dimension)

The Spirit's energy is perceived as light and love(at least 50% of the NDE accounts we have available agree in describing the perception of the Spirit energy by the conscious Ego as the manifestation of a particular form of light, in which the Ego feels pervaded by an unearthly love, infinite and unconditional, which gives it an ineffable joy and from which it would never want to part again)

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Human commitment and technological development(technological development, to which huge human resources have been devoted, has opened a new chapter in the history of humankind, making the experience of organic life – on the whole – much easier, enjoyable and interesting than in the past; however, it too remains subject to the dynamics of the human psyche, requires a considerable commitment of energy, and it is not clear how much it can contribute to a positive evolution for humanity)

Technical progress seen from the Spirit dimension(scientific knowledge and technological progress were determined by the human psyche as a reaction to a long phase in which the same psyche had privileged an interpretation of our organic life based on the Ego's submission to the will of higher entities, considered as divine, in function of a reward or a punishment in the afterlife; the information that we can get from the NDEs presents us with a very different picture, in which usually the Spirit does not directly intervene in human affairs, but leaves to the conscious Ego the task to experience two well-separated dimensions, making sense of this experience)

The future of humankind(organic life determines a temporary insertion of the conscious Ego in the history of humankind, which is rightly interpreted by the Ego as a phenomenon with its own reality and destined to continue even after the short period in which each of us is part of it; in the flow of time determined by our human perception, the past is already fixed, while a realistic evaluation of the future must take into account the tensions generated by the bipolar character of the psyche's energy, only slightly mitigated by the effects produced by limited inflows of spiritual energy)

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   RELATIONSHIP LIFE (January 2022)

Psychic interactions between different Egos(the psychic experiences involving the Ego are influenced by the interaction with another person, and depend, among other things, on the degree of identification of the Egos of the people who interact with the often automatic psychic dynamics activated during the interaction; the Ego often remains involved in the complexity of these psychic interactions which – starting from the naive premises of a natural spontaneity, or relying on the cultural programs that establish their formalities – can give rise to difficulties and conflicts over which the Ego is sometimes unable to exert any control)

The love for others in the light of NDEs(many NDEs seem to indicate that, on its return to organic life, the conscious Ego brings with it from the Spirit dimension a surplus of energy that drives it to manifest its love and understanding towards others; however it is a quantity of energy which, although it can produce some effect in a limited context, is completely insufficient to face – and eventually to resolve – the complexity of the conflictual dynamics generated by the bipolarity of the human psyche)

The limits of emotional feelings(almost always the Ego naively relies on its own emotional feelings to orient itself in the complexity of human interactions, through which the psyche exerts its conditioning and socially relevant effects; however, emotional feelings, in their positive as well as negative manifestations, participate in the bipolar and conflictual character of the psyche, and their primary purpose is not to help the Ego in the evolutionary path of liberation from its subjection to the dynamics of the human psyche)

Psychic tension in human relationships(interpersonal relationships can give rise to psychic tensions that the Egos of the people involved are unable to control, and whose energy is discharged through conflicting behaviors; social conditioning programs that try to contain these tensions within acceptable limits sometimes prove to be ineffective, so much so that the Ego may feel the need to rely on a qualitatively different form of energy to deal with the psyche's bipolar dynamics)

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